Beltrami offers a full Made-To-Measure Men's Custom Clothing service department featuring luxurious fabrics from exclusive European Mills such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Cerruti 1881, Loro Piana and Estrato. Our Men's Custom Clothing comes with our lifetime alteration guaranty for as long as you own your suit.

Designer and Custom Made Clothing Tailored to a perfect fit by Beltrami.

Designer and specialty clothing does a better job making their off-the-rack clothing from a less forgiving pattern which means the buyer must somewhat fit the pattern to begin with. As any large man who has tried to wear Italian suits can tell you, you either fit into a tailored suit or you don’t. This is true for taller and shorter men as well as you can simply not mass produce any item and expect it to fit different body sizes and shapes, even with tailoring. The lack of material to work with and seems that were there prior like the less expensive off the rack clothing are still an issue for even the most experienced of tailors. These garments are more targeted in their demographic, and as such have a higher price because it is expected that the customer will pay more for a premium fit. Typically men who are more conscious of fashion are also more conscious of their bodies so this makes sense.

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