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Most tuxedo rentals are very impersonal these days with many tuxedo rentals shops attempting to lure online renters to fill out complicated forms and pick from online inventories. With Beltrami, Ltd. we have our own tailor on site who takes all of the measurements and you are provided the opportunity to see what you will look like while trying on many different options.

How to Choose between renting and purchasing a Beltrami Tuxedo.

You’ve just been invited to a black tie event. You’re stoked to be asked to attend something you normally don’t attend. But then you realize that you only have a few suits and maybe a black tux in your closet. Should you throw on a suit you’ve worn one too many times or the old tuxedo you haven’t worn in years? It’s not an easy decision to make, and you may be confused with just how formal the event actually is. Don’t worry, Beltrami will help you choose between renting a modern tuxedo or purchasing a go to new one.

It’s a fancy event, and you want to stand out, network, or just make a great impression with the ladies. That means you need to wear something totally new and cool. It’s most likely the time to rent or purchase a new tuxedo.

Making a Great Impression with Beltrami Tuxedo's

So if you want to stand out and make a great impression it's better to be more dressed up than not dressed up enough. Usually the invitation will tell you what attire you should don, but there are multiple descriptions that mean different outfits are appropriate. Even so not everyone wants to wear a standard black tuxedo.

So what does "Black Tie" or "Black Tie Optional" mean? White tie and black tie both mean you need to wear a tux. White tie is the most formal, and usually only added to the invitation when it’s a gala, opera, or more exclusive wedding. White tie is pretty strict, and you should wear a black or navy tailcoat, matching trousers with a satin seam running down the outside of each leg, a waistcoat, a white wing-collared dress shirt, a bow tie, a set of kid gloves, a boutonniere, a white silk scarf, cuff links, and, to top it all off, a black top hat. White tie events are few and far between, but you may be invited to one, so you need to understand the rules you should abide by.

Next is black tie. It isn’t as formal as white tie, but it’s still formal. Black tie can consist of a classic black tux, a jacket, trousers with a satin stripe down the side, a cummerbund, and a bow tie. You can also change up the tux color if you’d like, but make sure it’s a color suitable for the event you’re attending. If you want to change the color up a bit but want to stay true to the classic roots, try a midnight blue tux or darker gray one. In todays world tuxedo's are no longer just black with white shirts. They come in an amazing set of variety's and Beltrami has them all. Both as rentals and for acquisition.

Beltrami Black Tie Optional Alternatives

Then there’s black tie optional. You can choose to be dressier and put on a tuxedo or you can choose to wear just a suit instead. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a suit, especially if you’re on a budget, but choose a tux if you have one unless you’re really not feeling it that day. If you’re going to wear a suit, make it more formal by wearing a dress shirt and a chic tie and preferably a black suit or grey.

If the invitation says anything else like formal, semi-formal or something else, you won’t need to wear a tux. And if the invitation doesn’t say, ask others that you know are going or even contact the person throwing the event if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you do not frequent lavish events every other weekend. Beltrami Stylists will help you identify which tuxedos are in style and work for your body type, and provide some good (and economical) picks that will have you ready for any occasion thrown your way. You need a tux, and we’re here to help you find one that will make you stand out from the crowd. Here’s everything you need to know about tuxedos.

Common Questions Answered

You’re not alone in your thoughts. Most men aren’t all-knowing when it comes to tuxedos. We’ve gathered a list of some of the most common questions that men ask and answered them, just for you. There are multiple differences between a suit and tuxedo. So let’s get into it.

What is the difference between a suit and a Tuxedo?

  • Overall, a tuxedo is more formal than a suit. A tux is considered attire for only the evening and should be worn only at the appropriate events. Tuxedos should not be worn before 5 P.M.
  • A suit can be constructed out of multiple colors, including lighter ones. They can also be made in more casual fabrics. A tuxedo is usually made in black or midnight blue, as black is associated with a higher class and culture.
  • A tuxedo jacket is made with a shawl or peaked lapel. A shawl lapel has a continuous curve without breaks or points that peaked or have notched lapels. Thus, a peaked lapel has edges that point upwards to the shoulders. Suits either come with a peaked lapel or a notched lapel. A notched lapel is simply a lapel that has “notches” where the bottom of the collar and the top of the lapel connect. Also, a suit lapel is made from the same fabric of the jacket. But a tuxedo lapel is either satin or a rougher weave grosgrain silk.
  • A tuxedo does not have flapped pockets. It has jetted pockets, making it sleeker and more elegant for formal events. A suit has flapped pockets that add more fabric to the jacket.
  • A tuxedo should be accented with a white pocket square. With a suit, pocket squares in different colors and patterns are perfectly acceptable.
  • Tuxedo trousers differ from suit trousers in the fact that they feature a stripe or braid down the side of the leg that matches the jacket lapels.
  • A suit is more flexible in your wardrobe than a tuxedo is. You can choose to dress up or dress down a suit and combine different colors, and you do not need to wear a waist covering. A tuxedo is pretty rigid, so stick with the basics if you’re going to wear one.
  • Lastly, a tuxedo is more expensive than a suit. If you’re going to need to wear a tuxedo, you will be around people who can tell the difference between a high quality one and a low quality one. With a suit, you can usually get away with buying a cheaper one if the fit is spot on.

Can I wear a tuxedo as a suit?
No, you should not wear a tuxedo as a suit. Suits can be worn virtually anywhere, and no one would be weirded out. The tuxedo is more formal than that. And a tux is not just about dressing up and looking good. It’s a special clothing item that commemorates a special occasion. It’s about wearing something you normally wouldn’t. That’s the magic of wearing a tuxedo, and it shouldn’t be broken.

What kind of shirt should you wear with a tuxedo?
The shirt that you wear with a tuxedo should always be plain white. Tuxedo shirts have two collars: traditional point collars and wing collars. Wing collars show the band of the bow tie going around the neck while traditional point collars do not. While pleated front shirts are more traditional, but you do not have to wear one. You can wear a plain shirt instead — that is up to you. Whichever type of shirt you choose, it needs to have French cuffs and cufflinks need to be used.

Do you need to wear a belt with a tuxedo?
You definitely should not wear a belt with a tuxedo. See the answer below to understand why wearing a belt with a tuxedo would ridiculous and almost impossible.

Do tuxedo pants have belt loops?
No, tuxedo pants do not have belt loops. And since tuxedo pants do not have belt loops, you obviously can’t wear a belt. If your tuxedo pants do have belt loops, they are not tuxedo pants. Return them and get your money back, because you have been scammed!

Can you wear a tie with a tux?
No, you definitely should not wear a tie with a tuxedo. Neck ties are for work or other events. A bowtie is the only way to go when you’re wearing a tux. And don’t even think about wearing a pre-tied bowtie, either! You need to wear a self-tied one. Don’t know how to tie a bowtie? Google it. If you’re going to a fancy event, you can find the time to watch a short video.

How many buttons should a tuxedo jacket have?
Unlike a suit, a single-breasted tuxedo jacket should only have one button. That’s the sign of a true tux jacket.

What kind of shoes should I wear with a tuxedo?
A court shoe, known as a pump in the United States, should be worn when the event attire is white tie. It has a low-cut front, no fastening, and a small heel. This shoe is usually associated with women, but it is a traditional shoe in some situations. If the dress code is black tie, you have a few options. First off, make sure the footwear is black. No exceptions here. The first option is a pair of patent leather shoes. However, make sure they are in lace up form and not loafers. The second option is a pair of calf skin shoes. If you go with calf skin, the shoe need to be polished and are not to have brogues (decorative holes) or medallions. A black cap shoe is seen as the perfect shoe to wear with a tux. Lastly, Belgian shoes and Prince Albert slippers can be worn with a tuxedo. Belgian shoes and Prince Albert slippers add a little more panache. If you are going with Prince Albert slippers, choose a pair in velvet.

Should I rent or buy a tux?
Renting or buying a tuxedo depends on the situation. First off, do you think you’ll be wearing the tuxedo again in the foreseeable future? If you know you’re going to have multiple opportunities to wear a tux again, then it’s time to buy. If not, renting one will do. Secondly, and most importantly, do you have the money to buy a tuxedo? Renting a tux will usually cost around 10 to 30 percent of the price of buying a new one. The decision will be made depending on how much you’re willing to cash out.

Our Favorite Picks

Now you have all your questions answered, so you’re ready to go tux shopping! All of that information can be confusing, so you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Don’t worry! We’re helping you start your tuxedo shopping by providing you with some great picks that you can wear for multiple events. Take a look at the following tuxedos for some style inspiration.

Best For: Versatility You’re the guy who gets invited to every fundraiser, gala and swanky event in town. You’re constantly having to get dressed up, so you need a tuxedo that will turn heads every time you walk into a room, even if they’ve seen it before. This Armani trim fit wool tuxedo is the ultimate showstopper that will do just that. The beautiful satin peak lapels elevate a classic tux while the trim fit brings it into the modern times. Made from 100% premium virgin wool, this tuxedo is truly one that will last a lifetime.

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