Beltrami Sportswear has been called America's main contribution to the history of fashion design as it was developed to cater to the needs of the increasingly fast-paced lifestyle of the American athlete. Sportswear started out as a fashion industry term describing informal and interchangeable separates and then became a popular word for relaxed, casual wear typically worn for spectating sports and when engaged in outdoor activities.

 Since the 1930s the term has been used to describe both day and evening fashions of varying degrees of formality that demonstrate this relaxed approach while remaining fashionable wear for many business or social occasions.

Beltrami LTD. describes sportswear as "an American invention, an American industry, and an American expression of style that expanded into the European markets." For Beltrami, Ltd. American sportswear is an expression of various predominantly relaxed aspects of American culture, including health ideals, the concept of democracy, ideas of comfort and function, and innovative design. Beltrami carries only hand picked quality sportswear items from belts, jeans, shirts, and jeans.

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