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Why Custom Tailored Suits?

Custom tailoring next to fine organic raw materials is about the most important aspect of creating the perfect wardrobe. Suits are very important to a mans appearance and a  suit can be make or break first impressions and even your credentials in your on or off-duty activities. From making you look taller, to accommodating a few extra pounds. Suits are a lifetime investment in yourself, that takes a lot of consideration and should be taken seriously.

When a professional tailor like ours at Beltrami gets it right, you feel confident and charismatic wearing it. We have a very fine selection in our store of unique suits that you will not see on everyone else at an event. We have much more range than what you can find in mall or department store with their “carbon copy” or “cookie cutter” suits, so you will find many hidden gems at Beltrami that are unique to the image that you want to portray.

Shopping for a suit can seem like a very challenging experience  at department stores and malls with minimum wage clerks trying to navigate brands that they themselves do not even wear. With Beltrami our team has decades of experience and impeccable taste so it need not be a guessing game with guidance from our experts.

At Beltrami our tailors and experts ensure that your suit fits perfectly and we always follow our own mantra. Just a few strategies that we deploy help our clients ensure the fit is perfect.

Shoulders-Suit shoulders should hug your own and appear neat, there should be no excess material or fabric that looks strained. Pull your arms forward and around you – if the seam feels tight and uncomfortable, opt for a larger size or a different fit.

Chest-Your suit jacket should button easily but not too loose. Once it’s buttoned, place your hand between you and the jacket it should just fit comfortably inside – you want some give but not too much, any wider and you’ll need a smaller size.

Length-Hang your arms down straight and cup the jacket hem in your hands. If you can reach easily, it’s too long. If it’s shorter, then it’s really a matter of personal taste – many modern suit jackets only sit an inch or two below the cuff.

Sleeve Length-Placing your arms by your side the cuff of the jacket should fall where the base of your thumb meets your wrist. You should have 1-2cm of your shirt cuff visible. We offer shorter and longer lengths in many of our suits, so if the shoulders fit well but the body or sleeves are too long or short then one of these will be your best option.”

Trousers-The rise of suit trousers (i.e. where they sit on your waist) should suit your taste and style. Remember, the cut of a trouser leg should flatter without appearing too tight or too loose. A classic trouser length should sit nicely on top of your shoe without touching the floor at the back and create a soft crease at the front. A more modern tapered leg should rest at the top of your shoe. We very often adjust trousers and sleeve lengths, and can tailor them on short notice if needed for a special event. Not everyone will fit the standard lengths available so it’s always best to pick something slightly longer and have it adjusted to make it absolutely perfect.

"The gentleman is a connoisseur of both mens clothing and customer service. The fabrics and tailoring are exquisite fashion, and the experience from shop to home is delightful. Like many things of higher value, Beltrami is worth a return visit over and over again."
- Hil S.

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